New Hampshire Foliage

1966 Graduates!
Click here for the slide show

I hope you enjoy looking at this photos. There are 180 of them in the slide show, so it may take some time. Remember, these are low resolution photos for the web. If you order photos, they will be high resolution (much sharper).

The DVD for the reunion will include these photos as well as photos from 1966. Also included will be the 'Class Will' and a copy of the final newspaper. The price for the DVD is $25. If you were at the reunion and signed the sheet, I will include the 8x10 of the class photo.

Please forward this web address to other classmates that might enjoy catching up with their peers!

To order individual photos, please use this feedback/order form and include the size of print and the photo number from the slide show.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

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