Scout High Adventure Trip !
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Wow what a trip! Short but enough excitement to last me for a while to come! If you have any digitial photos of the trip, send me a note / email / feedback with the information and I will incorporate them into these photos to create a more complete photo history of the event!

Short synopsis: We got to East Sidney Lake on the 27th and left on the 28th. Due to flooding downstream, river guides told us we would not be able to float the river so we just stayed at the reservoir. After a steady rise of 12-18 inches an hour, we decided to move all the vehicles to high ground (saved our bacon and a few cars). Army engineer said we would be fine, water would go over spillway before getting to our sites. He was wrong. We experience torential downpour all night. Total rise during our 20 hour stay was approximately 41 verticle feet across a three mile reservoir. Within 24 hours after our departure, another 12 feet filled the reservoir and eventually spilled over the dam. Our campsite would be 14 feet under water had we stayed.

The photos here are low resolution so they will download faster. If there are photos you would like, just send me a note in the feedback form with the photo number(s) and I will send you the high resolution photos (free, of course) and you can do whatever you would like with them. If you would like them all, just let me know that too and I will setup a download link from the website.

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